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Zaida vom Haus Middleton

​​​​Zaida is a large puppy with a lot of personality. She is very loving and affectionate, yet she is also a very strong girl and is more powerful than many of our past male puppies. Zaida craves attention and human interaction.  She is more focused on "her person" than she is on toys or other dogs, although she has done well with other dogs and has had no issues with cats.  She is not overly dominant, so she's not looking for a fight.  Even though Zaida is trained to be in a kennel, she really needs a home where she will be considered part of the family.  Once she bonds with her family, her personality will really come out.  Her higher energy level, trainability and desire for human attention would make her perfect for a "job".  She definitely needs a VERY active home to become a member of.  She would not do well in a home where she doesn't receive the physical and mental stimuli that she needs.  However, if you have lots of love to offer and want a dog to motivate you to exercise and keep busy, she may be a great fit for you and your family!  Zaida would do best in a home with one or two people that have time to spend with her and live an active lifestyle.  She has been exposed to senior dogs, smaller dogs, same size dogs and cats and has done well.  She's a little skeptical of new people and environments but with lots of exposure and socialization, she will overcome her apprehension.  

Zaida was born on 07/25/19. She has a stock (short) coat and is sable in coloring. She has been kennel trained, as well as potty trained, and she does well throughout the night in a crate. She has learned some basic obedience - she comes when she is called, sits on command, goes in her kennel when told, has done good so far walking on leash and we are working on lay, stay and heel.  She travels well (no car sickness) and she has been exposed to different environments while traveling between our home here in Redding, California and our home in Oakland, Oregon. She has been around adult dogs, on wood/tile flooring, steep stairs, exposed to loud noises and she has all of her vaccinations (including rabies), so she is ready to go adventuring!  She is also micro-chipped, on heart-worm medications, as well as flea/tick control.  She also comes with a written hip/health guarantee. 
ZAIDA - $1500 
**This dog (or any of my other dogs) has NEVER been sold/given to Aaron Carter.  I am getting numerous emails about this and I want to assure you this Zaida is safe with me and has never been in the home of Aaron Carter, who I don't even know.  I had to change her name as this seems to be the only reason people believe it's the same dog, even though they look completely different (our girl is sable, the one in the video is black/tan).  I AM NOT THE BREEDER OF THE DOG IN AARON CARTER'S VIDEOS.  i do not know the dog in the videos and I am as outraged as all of you.  Please stop with the accusatory emails - I am not the breeder of his dog**
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